We serve the traditional and loved foods of Spanish tapas bars with a particular focus on recipes from Barcelona and the Balearic islands. Our recipes are based primarily on local, seasonal ingredients and we are committed to sourcing the healthiest and most natural produce available.

We blend cultures and flavours but keep it simple: good food, wine and company in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Tapas dining is all about sharing... sharing small plates of deliciousness, with laughs and good times.


The British invented it. The Spanish perfected it. 

Although it’s thought of as a British classic, Spain is obsessed with the Gin and Tonic - the classic cocktail underwent a renaissance in Spain a few years ago and is now offered as a great pairing to dishes in local tapas bars. We infuse all our gins with their prominent botanicals, so the flavours come to the fore - and we serve them with East Imperial tonic which is much less citrusy and sweet then most tonics so it doesn’t drown out the nuances in the gin or the flavours in the food


At TIPICO we created our own environmental program, “Planet & Us”, in order to facilitate projects to help take care of the environment and the people living within it. We take social and environmental responsibility seriously and engage in projects across a number of areas, including:

  • Water saving measures
  • Climate change measures
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Recycling measures
  • Community responsibility actions

Caring for the earth is caring for ourselves and our children’s future.